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The Women’s Budget Group (WBG) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that monitors the impact of government policies on men and women. It puts forward policies for a more gender equal future and builds the capacity of women and women’s groups to participate in economic debates.

The Challenge

In September 2020, Fresh was asked to work alongside the WBG’s communications officer to launch the findings of the ‘Commission on a Gender Equal Economy’ to the media and position WBG as a thought leader on economic policy. In particular, WBG asked Fresh to engage with journalists outside its usual circles in order to influence those beyond WBG’s usual audience and reach policy makers and influencers with the business and economic case for a Gender Equal Economy. This all took place during a time of increasing Coronavirus cases across the UK and much media attention being given to this.

The Activity

Fresh initially ran a messaging session with WBG and as a result created a ‘message house’ which ranked priority messaging for the Commission with supporting evidence. This helped the whole team to crystalise the messaging for what is a complex and wide-reaching report. The key findings of the report were translated into clear calls to action and the impact of the Coronavirus was included across the findings. Once the messaging was agreed, it was used to create tailored approaches to WBG’s target media and as the foundation for all comms activity.

The Outcome

Fresh placed articles and arranged interviews with the director of WBG. The resulting coverage highlighted the breadth of the Commission and each profiled different elements of the report. Fresh secured coverage in the Telegraph, Huffington Post, Guardian, Independent and Reuters despite it being during a week in which a change in Covid-19 measures dominated the headlines.



“Working with Nathalie and Lisa to think through the media strategy for the Commission on a Gender Equal Economy was extremely beneficial. They supported us with ensuring that we had a clear and focussed narrative in which we could promote the work of the Commission as well as ensuring it was relevant to the news agenda at the time. They helped us secure media coverage for the final report of the Commission in the Telegraph, The Guardian, Independent, Huffington Post and Reuters News. 

“The significant coverage the Commission received is a reflection of the dedicated work of Fresh in taking the time to understand the work of the Commission and what we wanted to achieve.  We are really impressed with Lisa and Nathalie’s professionalism and dedication and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations.”

Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson, director of the Women’s Budget Group

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